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Pivots, Patterns, and Intraday Swing Trades

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An original approach to trend discovery and trade entry

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An original approach to trend discovery and trade entry

Initial forays into day trading stock index futures reveal a starkly different decision environment. There is no time to dwell on technical conditions. Intraday volatility in the stock indices is far more exaggerated than the daily bar charts of other markets, partly due to the extreme leverage, partly due to the intense attention. And positioning techniques that prove reliable in the action of the long-term trends in other instruments tend to fail in the countertrend reactions of the highly leveraged S&P futures contract within the short-term. For the informed trader, tremendous opportunities in these intraday trend swings can be captured. This book will show you how.

Filled with detailed technical models, this reliable resource skillfully utilizes innovative methodologies for trend discovery and trade entry in mini-stock index futures markets. It offers a fresh approach to understanding and capitalizing on market volatility, allowing you to sort out the apparent chaos of the day trading environment through codified and recognizable trade entry setups.

  • Highlights trading techniques that are anything but mechanical scalping
  • Explores conceptual event models and their accompanying rules
  • Contains tools by which major intraday swing trends can be identified quickly and often at the very turning points where they begin
  • Explains the underlying order and structure to the markets based on the repetitive nature of human behavior

Engaging and informative, this reliable resource will put you in a better position to excel in today’s dynamic markets.

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