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ProFx 5.0 is a semi-automated forex trading system which makes profitable trading as easy as only possible. It continuously analyzes technical and fundamental market conditions and provides you with precise entry and exit signals through audio, e-mail and SMS notifications whenever a new high probability setup has been detected.


Precise Signals and Clear Trading Rules


Buy on Blue, Sell on White
Constant Trading Profits!


Usually Forex Traders need to analyze a large amount of information before they can make a trading decision. This includes trend, support and resistance, economic data, correlations and many more. It's time-consuming and especially new traders having often troubles to connect the dots correct.

ProFx 4.0 does all the hard work for you. It analyzes technical and fundamental market conditions for you and displays the "Need to know" information in an easy to read format on the chart. It also scans the market continuously for new trading setups and alerts you when a high probability trading opportunity is found. The range of notification includes on-screen signals, e-mail and SMS. This guarantees that you don't miss buying and selling opportunities and remain 100% in control. Click through the screenshots to see for yourself how easy FX trading becomes with ProFx 4.0.


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