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TradeAngel is a powerful & exciting trading Robot for the DE40 (aka DAX40/GER40) Index.


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TradeAngel is a powerful & exciting trading Robot for the DE40 (aka DAX40/GER40) Index.

TradeAngel logic works on our own proprietary indicators called angel factor/period (you will see this in inputs).

Operates by monitoring the movement & volatility of the DAX40 during market hours only, once it detects a strong move it will latch onto the momentum and open a trade at the start of the next bar, (on the 15 min bar on 15 min chart, start of 30 min bar on 30M chart and same for 1 hour).

– Trade Angel uses hard stop loss and take profit of 40 – 50 points. (Indices use points, not pips)

– Opens trades from Dax open (9am Frankfurt) until 8pm Frankfurt time.

– Maximum of 3 trades at any one time (1 per chart), no high amount of orders to monitor

– Dax40 is a very low cost instrument to trade with most brokers quoting 0.5 – 1.0 spread with small/no commissions.

– No holding onto long term losing trades

TradeAngel for MT4 is a fully automated,100% hands free trading system, expert advisor.

TradeAngel uses a recovery function on the NEXT trade that will increase the trade size x2 after loss for 5 levels max, however user has option to disable this feature by setting the input increaselotafterloss = false.

You are not  BOUND to use recovery function, we prefer to as it does what it says, it recovers the prior loss trade quicker, smoothing the equity curve.

Using a recovery factor after loss is very different to martingale. Do not get the 2 confused and this table compares the huge differences.