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[DOWNLOAD-0.77GB] Deeyana Angelo-Introduction to Market Profile Trading

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In this course, I am breaking down Market Profile to get to the core of how to start using profile trading the correct way.

Market profile is still a relatively unknown professional trading concept.

However, it is, by far, the most commonly used tool of professional traders for trading on lower timeframes because it helps you to read institutional order flow, taking out the guesswork on the positioning. Combining market profile with the exhaustion of average daily ranges (also a statistically known mean reversion strategy employed by many hedge funds and prop trading firms) can provide an undeniable aid when it comes to confirming or denying your own trading ideas on the day. Market profile is applicable to futures and spot. It is best used on asset classes with more liquidity such as equities, commodities and Forex.

A distinctive feature of Market Profile is the Value Area aka the distribution curve from yesterdays trading. Distribution curves have a natural edge not only in trading but also in real life applications.

Value area is combined with current days initial balance range and extensions, to further give you a systematic insight into what the institutional order flow is doing.

In the files below, you will find a file called Free Value Area that explains how you can calculate the value on your own.

However if you wish to take the pain out of this, our company has created the first fully functional professional Market Profile tool for Metatrader platforms (MT4 & MT5). You can demo, rent or purchase here:

Blahtech MT4

Blahtech MT5

In another file you will also find further information on our comprehensive OrderFlow Training Program and some DISCOUNTS if you wish to move forward with your development.


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