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[DOWNLOAD - 1GB] Allen Sama - Blank Check Trading System and Training

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Become a profitable trader winning on 90% of your trades in less than 20 minutes a day.  Learn to trade the “underground” market that is easier and more lucrative than stocks, bonds, forex, or just about anything.

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“How To Finally Be a Profitable Trader By Winning on 90% of your trades in just 20 minutes a day by trading in the “underground” market that is easier to trade than stocks, bonds, forex,or just about anything else you have traded before.”

Blank Check Trade Rules : Below are the rules I have created/discovered. As the months went on, I added and tweaked until I found a good combination that works for me. Depending on your temperament you can tweak some of these to make your trading more or less exciting.

  • 1. Mainly Puts. Calls only when puts in trouble
  • 2. Only nakeds
  • 3. Front month options. Try not to overlap. 35 DTE
  • 4. Use up to 1/2 of account. 1/3 when getting in. always have 1/3 in reserve
  • 5. Enter at about 10 delta
  • 6. Look at support resistance before entering trade
  • 7. Never sell for less than .20 credit
  • 8. Enter puts on down day, enter calls on up day
  • 9. Exit when at .10 debit or below with more than 2 weeks left
  • 10. Exit before final week- margin gets too high
  • 11. Don’t take risks after hitting monthly goal
  • 12. If more than 2% move in opposite direction, exit. Then reenter Puts on down day (moving in and out to take profits)
  • 13. Adjust at .20 delta
  • 14. To adjust exit all and sell so new credit equals debit
  • 15. Don’t lose more than 3x your goal in a month


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