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Amazing New Tool Lets You Bank 75 Pips Every Time Price Moves 20 Pips; 105 Pips on a 30 Pip Move; 165 Pips on a 40 Pip Move

Software So Drop-Dead-Simple Traders Can Start Making Triple-Digit Pips On Their Very First Day with NO PRIOR TRADING EXPERIENCE!



Unfortunately, the markets were too slow yesterday and today, to really try your AutoScaler out properly, but admittedly I did make 65 pips early yesterday on two short runs and think I'm going to have a lot of fun with this EA. Looks like this is the first time anything I've bought that is supposed to add to my 'bottom line' is actually going to be worthwhile for me so THANKS, Jeff!!

Juli Taylor


Jeff, this EA is awesome!!!. From a 75 pip move from my entering on both EY and GY pairs I made 200 pips, that is with closing some positions early!!  I am so used to over promising and under performing with products. This is awesome Thank you very much, also for your help in this matter
Kind regards
Leon Venter


(Leon followed up with a 2nd email the next day)

Jeff, what can I say. Today a 126 pip profit on the EUR/YEN pair with the entry price 106.14 TP 106.51 4 lots pending setting.(45 pip move)
Great stuff!!!!
Kind regards
Leon Venter


I started last night and netted 69 pips on a Practice
account in only 4 hours 12 minutes! This looks the most promising
thing I have seen in 3 years of trying to make sense of Forex. I
have managed to form my own system which gives me better than break
even, but have never achieved so much return in such a short time as
I did on my first attempt using the AutoScaler.

Ron Gaunt




Dear Fellow Trader,

I don’t care if you’re brand new to trading or you’re someone with years of experience under your belt, the odds are overwhelming that you just aren’t making any kind of serious money trading Forex, for two very simple but powerful reasons:

1.  The markets are just too flat about 95% of the time.  You can spend hours in front of your charts, waiting for that big move to fill your trading account.  But you can literally spend days on end waiting and never see more than a 40 or 50 pip move that can take hours to go from start to finish.  And of course, when a big move does take place, it always seems to be when you’re asleep or away from your charts for a little while. 

All that really matters is that you are spending most of your time watching your account go up or down by a little bit at a time, with no real gains to speak of.

2.  The other problem you have is You!  I’m not trying to insult anyone here, but the fact is that we as humans are driven by greed and fear, especially when trading.  If we get into a trade that actually moves in our favor, our greed takes over and we stick around to see if we can make a few more pips, only to watch the trade dissolve before our eyes and end up getting out with little or nothing to show for it. 

Or even worse, we go into a trade with a plan to make 30 pips, and when price stalls out at +7 for a while, we begin to be afraid we were wrong about the trade and exit with our measly profits, only to see our trade move on to +30 without us.  Our “fear of loss” overcame our greed and we ended up the poorer for it.

The first problem (a flat market)? 

There isn’t anything you or I can do to force the markets into 200 or 300 pip daily ranges.

But the second problem? 

Greed and Fear of Loss are both easily overcome and can actually be harnessed to your benefit, as long as the conditions are right.  We give in to greed simply because we NEED to make enough pips to justify the time we are spending trading.  Since most of our trades don’t meet that need, we end up hanging around too long trying to squeeze a few more pips out of a trade that is doing well and end up losing just about everything in the process.

But what if there was a way to ”squeeze” those extra pips out of just about every crappy trade you’ll find on your charts?  I mean those moves that range up and down for 20 or 30 pips all morning long without ever really going anywhere?

What if every time you took a trade that moved 20 pips, you banked 75 pips?

Or if you got into a trade that moved your direction for 30 pips, you 
banked 105 pips?

Or when you finally latch onto a decent trade that 
runs 40 pips, you made 165 pips out of it?

Wouldn’t that be enough to satisfy your need for pips?

Would you quit for the day once you were up 75, 100, even 200 pips, just to have that much of a head start on tomorrow’s trading?

Of course you would.

So what if I told you there was a way, starting right now, you could IMMEDIATELY overcome all those negative emotions that are holding you back, and allow you to INSTANTLY start making the kinds of profits you thought were available in Forex but so far have been nowhere to be seen?

It’s Forex AutoScaler to the rescue!

Forex AutoScaler is software designed for the MT4 platform that allows you to “scale in” to winning trades (scale in means add additional positions to your original trade) giving you 2, 3, 4 even 10 times the profit you would otherwise make with just a single trade.

But at the same time, by using the Trailing Stop technology built into Forex AutoScaler, you can limit your losses to no more than what you might have lost if your single trade went bad on you.

I know it sounds too good to be true, but Forex AutoScaler is the real deal, as I’ll show you in just a moment.

But first, let me take a moment and tell you a little about myself.

I’m Jeff Glenellis, the owner of the Simple4XSystem website, where over the last few years I have taught hundreds of people to trade Forex using Renko Charting technology.  I’ve also written two best-selling books on Forex(“Survive and Prosper” and “Sensible Forex”, both available on and in select bookstores around the world).

But most importantly, I’m a trader.  I live, breathe, eat and sleep trading. 

You know how most people hate Monday mornings? 

Not me. 

Monday mornings mean I have a whole week ahead of me to trade.

But I’m no different than you are.  I’ve spent the last 3 years staring at the same flat charts, spending hours waiting for something, ANYTHING to happen to justify taking a trade.

And more often than not, either I end up not trading at all since I never get a decent signal to take, or I end up in some go-nowhere crappy trade that falls apart about 5 minutes after I get in.  If this has been your experience as well, just know that it’s not your fault…the markets have just been miserable to trade since shortly after the Crash of 2008.

But I finally got sick and tired of wasting hours in front of my platform and ending my day with little or nothing to show for it.

I longed for a return to those crazy trading days of 2006-2008, where you could just about close your eyes and pick a chart and a direction and find a decent trade.

But since it seems pretty obvious those days are gone forever, I decided to do the next best thing:

I created a trading environment where I could duplicate those times where I was closing out trades for 50, 100, even 200 or more pips, even during times when prices were stuck in an almost impossibly tight range.

Working with my friend Jack Rahwan, we created Forex AutoScaler and trading has never been better (or more enjoyable!)

Imagine how wonderful trading will be for you, knowing that virtually every time you sit down in front of your computer, you stand an excellent chance of walking away within the next 20-30 minutes up 100 pips or more!

This means no more dragging yourself out of bed at 2 a.m. hoping to catch one of this big moves that happen every now and again at the London open.

It means no more losing sleep and walking around the rest of the day like a zombie, just to try and nab 10 or 20 pips a day.

And most of all, it means you can finally start earning the kind of money you knew was out there in Forex but has forever seemed to be just out of your grasp! 

The Big Bonus to all of this is you can not only start making some decent money as a trader, but you can also free up hours of time you wasted in the past, slumped in front of your PC, waiting for something to happen in the markets.  You’ll have more time for yourself, more time for your family, more time (and more money) to spend pursuing hobbies…

This little piece of software could completely change your life for the better.

And it’s dead-simple to install and operate.  If you can copy-and-paste, you can get Forex AutoScaler_v1.5 up and running in less than 1 minute.

And if you can’t copy-and-paste, I’ll even teach you how to do that before you get started!

I know in my heart that Forex AutoScaler_v1.5 is the best tool to hit the Forex and MT4 community in the last 5 years. 

But I’m not asking you to take me at my word.

Just take a look at how a few of my recent trades have turned out using Forex AutoScaler_v1.5:


Oct. 23 @ 21:14 Sold Gold @ $1707.41 w/ 5 pending orders every two pips. 

Target: $1704.50.

Target Hit @ 21:36

6 trades—144.6 Pips in 22 Minutes


October 24 @ 17:25 Sold Gold @ $1706.56 w/5 pending orders every 2 pips

Target: $1704.50

Target Hit @ 17:29

6 Trades—93.6 pips in 4 minutes


October 25 @ 4:28 Bought Gold @ $1707.69 w/5 pending orders every 2 pips

Target: $1711.00

Target Hit @ 9:00

6 Trades—168.6 pips in 4.5 hours


November 5 @ 13:54 Bought Gold @ $1678.50 w/5 pending orders every 2 pips

Target: $1684.00

Target hit @ 17:08

6 trades—213.6 pips in 3 hours, 14 minutes


November 7 @ 16:34 Sold Gold @ $1721.65 w/5 pending orders every 3 pips

Target: $1717.50

Target hit @ 16:41

6 trades—204 pips in 7 minutes

And NONE OF THESE TRADES was in any way extraordinary--these were simple 20-40 pip moves that happen every single trading day.

By now you should know you NEED to add Forex AutoScaler to your trading toolbox.  You NEED to start making 75-165 pips on every trade, even when the market is stuck in one of those crappy 20 pip ranges.  You NEED to start making the kind of money you heard was available in Forex, but you never got a taste of yourself.

But the question is, can you AFFORD to grab 
your own copy of Forex AutoScaler?

After all, there’s no reason to sell Forex AutoScaler for anything less than $997, especially when I know for an absolute FACT that you could easily make that much in your first week, taking nothing but small, 20 pip trades.

I’d be crazy to sell software as valuable as Forex AutoScaler for anything less than $497, which is the absolute rock-bottom price a whole slew of Forex marketers advised me to price it out at.  They say that if you came to your car to go to work and saw all four of your tires had been slashed, you’d come up with the $500 you’d need to get new tires, just so you could go to work.  Buying Forex AutoScaler is no different.  You NEED this software just to be able to FINALLY get ahead trading currencies.

But I’m not going to release Forex AutoScaler for $997.  I’m not going to let it go for $497.

I’m not even going to send it to market with a $197 price tag.

Instead, I’m going to give EVERYONE a chance to finally start profiting from their Forex trading, for theaffordable price of $49.

And for $49, you not only get your own copy of Forex AutoScaler (which you are permitted to use on as many MT4 platforms as you desire), you also get:

  • Lifetime FREE updates and customer service…I have several upgrades planned for Forex AutoScaler over the next few months, and with each upgrade there will be a price increase.  But when you buy today, you’ll get all future upgrades free of charge.

  • Continual training by both video and pdf’s, showing you what methods are working best at spotting 20+ pip trades.  The forex market is constantly changing, and what works today may not work next week.  I’ll keep the member’s area updated so you’ll see what it is I’m doing to make my pips at any given time.

  • A free copy of “Forex Earthquake”, an ebook which has been described as “one of the best primers ever” on trading chart formations, which point out those times when price is about to breakout, with a high likelihood of moving 20+ pips

  •  “My 5 Favorite Ways to Make 20 Pips” which is exactly what it sounds like.  I’ll walk you through 5 different chart setups, with indicators and time frames, which I use to spot trades that should move more than 20+ pips in the very near future.

  • “How to Trade GOLD Using Forex AutoScaler”—trading GOLD is like trading currencies on steroids when you use Forex AutoScaler, and I’ll show you exactly how I have banked 500 or more pips in a single day trading GOLD.  And if you live in the USA or anywhere else that has limited your ability to take advantage of the Spot Gold markets, I’ll show you an easy way to get around those problems with a regulated broker that offers 100-1 leverage for all traders, including those in the USA.


"I've been trading Forex for 5 years now and have NEVER had the kind of success I'm seeing now using AutoScaler.  I've gone from 15-20 pips a day to 80-100 pips a day, and that's taking the exact same trades I always took"

David Logan
Salt Lake City, Utah

"In my opinion, AutoScaler is the best tool to hit the Forex market in the last 5 years.  The instructions are so clear and simple, anyone should be able to use it successfully from Day One and start making serious money from their trading."

Charlotte MacKenzie
Denver, CO

"Anytime I hear Jeff G. has released a new trading tool, it's an automatic buy for me.  But AutoScaler even exceeded my expectations, which were already pretty high.  For the few bucks I paid, I knocked out 3 winning trades my first day, for 75, 73 and 68 pips.  And these were all on trades that only went around 20 pips apiece.  This is going to get addicting, fast!" 

Frank Polizzi
Brooklyn, NY

"Jeff, I just wanted to let you know I took your advice and have been trading Gold the last few weeks, with some good success.  But after I added AutoScaler, all I can say is WOW!  I took a Sell trade on gold this morning and was looking to get out at around the +$4 mark, but price started dropping like a rock and I ended up closing out at around +$11.  I scaled in 5 additional trades, and for my 6 trades total I ended up with +585 pips on one trade.  Needless to say, AutoScaler paid for itself in that one trade many times over.  Thank you for pointing me in the right direction.  I really do appreciate it."

Bill Morales
Santa Monica, CA

It should be obvious to anyone that this is a great deal, but it comes with a catch:

I am a one-man operation.  I monitor my own websites.  I answer my own emails.  I handle 100% of all customer service issues that might arise.

The only thing I don’t do is spend all my money (I have a wife that takes care of that part).

The point is I only have 24 hours in a day, just like everyone else.  And I like to spend a few of those hours eating and sleeping.

So to be fair to those who see the NEED to own Forex AutoScaler and jump on this offer while they can, I am limiting sales to the first 200 buyers.  After that, the “Buy Now” button will come down until I know I have all the initial customer service issues dealt with.  I don’t want someone with a real problem to have to wait for 2-3 days for me to get to their email.

And once I put the “Buy Now” button back up, the price could be higher than what it is right now.

So if you are one of those traders who is sick and tired of sitting in front of your charts for hours, waiting for something to happen, and you NEED to turbo-charge your trading with Forex AutoScaler, then don’t waste another minute.  Click the “Buy Now” button and grab your own copy while there is still time.

And in case you were worried, your purchase carries a 45 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee, backed by Paypal, the world’s largest online processing companies.

So don’t get left out in the cold, watching other traders banking hundreds of pips on days when you could barely scrape together 20 pips.  Get your copy of Forex AutoScaler now.

Just understand I’m serious about cutting sales off after 500.  This offer is going out initially to more than 10,000 serious Forex traders, so I don’t expect it will be available for more than a day or two before I have to pull it down.

So whatever you do, don’t just click away thinking you can come back later to get a copy of Forex AutoScaler.  Tomorrow may be too late.  So act now and click the “Buy Now” button to claim your copy of Forex AutoScaler while there is still a copy left for you.

Good Luck and Good Trading

Jeff Glenellis



YES! I NEED my Own Copy of Forex AutoScaler and I'm Ready to TAKE ACTION NOW Before This Deal Disappears FOREVER!

Jeff, I'm ready to start making 75-165 pips on each one of my winning trades with Forex AutoScaler.  I understand that I have 45 days to use Forex AutoScaler and if I am not happy making more pips than I ever made before in my life, I can ask for a full refund.

Copyright © 2012 Forex AutoScaler All Rights Reserved.


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