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Forex 4 Seasons

Product Code: Forex 4 Seasons
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Rita Lasker

And YES, we’re unveiling a new Forex trading software technology, allowing you to be the first one to capitalize on this highly lucrative and powerful product:

  The product that will run trouble-free year round. 
  The product you will never want to part with or let go of.
  The product that you’ll use forever.
  The system that bears unique properties.
  The software that has no equals anywhere in the world.
  The product that is based on a recently discovered by us cutting edge technology – "Forex 4 Seasons".
  The tool that will help you get RICHER and at long last make you a firm believe in financial success.
  The Informer that is so easy to use, that even a child could master it.


   There are many different products on the market.
Quite often these products are nothing more than just a brain-child realization by some programmer or a mere result of some trader’s strategy.

   The uniqueness of our Informer is in the very fact that it is based on the Laws Of Nature, that as you all know, has a paramount impact on all of the Earth’s processes. Surprisingly, trading on Forex isn’t exception to the rule.

   The system contains algorithms, that faultlessly define a market situation, and as a result, put through profitable trades on currency pairs.


therefore, you don’t have to be afraid of losing your money due to incorrect robot algorithms.

   Forex 4 Seasons sends precise signals that help you define points of opening and closing of the orders with an incredible laser-accuracy.




 For professional traders, who appreciate stable and very predictable trades without any unexpected “sharp turns” or nerve-wrecking experiences.

For novices, who just start getting their feet wet with all the novelties and intricacies of the field. They are the ones for whom our product is practically custom-made and is indispensable in getting their first positive Forex trading experience, so that they won’t get discouraged easily.

For so-called “experts”, who were nagging us that we were on the wrong path with our “nonsense”. 



   As you can see, this is not a robot, therefore to estimate “robot’s” earnings, one has to base any calculations on the signals that it sends.

Below you could see the statistics obtained as a result of using our product 
on one of our REAL accounts.


   Please note: besides the fact that our product has already been performing superbly, as illustrated above, we’ve been continually perfecting and improving our informer’s algorithm, basing our decisions on earlier mistakes.

Therefore, by the time when you download the latest version of the product, 
it will be performing EVEN BETTER.



  613 pips...is it ENOUGH for YOU?  

   Making 1000-1500 pips a month is not all that much to some people, so we are frequently asked as to why we show such low numbers as our baseline?

To simply answer that question, it is “your trust” that we never want to loose!

   Indeed, there are some companies out there, who, in order to lure a customer in, resort to false promises of quite unrealistic earnings just to sell their products. We, on the other hand, respect our customers’ intelligence and never engage in false advertisement. In all the years we’ve been in business, we’ve never let our customers down.

What does the "613 pips" mean? $610...$12200 depending on your lot size


Indeed, there are some companies out there, who, in order to lure a customer in, resort to false promises of quite unrealistic earnings just to sell their products. We, on the other hand, respect our customers’ intelligence and never engage in false advertisement. In all the years we’ve been in business, we’ve never let our customers down.

   That is why we ask all of our potential clients not to take our word for it, but in fact to see for themselves everything that we stand for.

If for whatever reason you find yourself unsatisfied with our product, you have a full 30-day, ‘no questions asked’ money back guarantee.

   And this is exactly why we firmly stand behind our statements that Forex 4 Seasons System will be consistently earning you money. Every single month.

    Having said that, one should also understand, that there’s no such thing as an “ideal” instrument to work on foreign exchange. If there ever was one, it would cost much more than a $100.

   Therefore, in designing our product, the real task for our developers was to create an instrument that would minimize the losses, while making a considerable profit for the end user.

   They have finally done it! Now you can EARN REAL MONEY by using "FOREX 4 SEASONS" system:




   The Forex4Seasons algorithm is based around 4 independent indicators, that were developed by us, based on a "4Seasons" (tm) technology (described in more details below). Besides the fact that the algorithm uses 2 other, absolutely wonderful indicators, whose ideas we drew upon from communicating with our good old friend Harold Holz.

   These indicators serve as filters to detect the most exact moment for closing positions. We’ve also utilized 2 built-in MetaTrader4 indicators, but their role was strictly technical.

   Naturally, the main staple of our product is our new engineering design – the 4Seasons technology.

In greater details:

Garry Shoo, a "4Seasons" (tm) Technology and Development project leader, explains: 

   "The basis for our technology is through market observation in general and currency pairs in particular – all at different times of the year. A huge number of collected and processed pieces of information gave us a better understanding of certain patterns and consistencies.

   We’ve discovered a basic principal: each pair has its own unique set of “behavioral characteristics”. That, in turn, also includes a set of patterns, marker periods during any given 24-hour period, one-week period or three-week cycles.
   All of these characteristics considerably change depending on the time of the year and for almost each pair this set of characteristics is unique.

   For the time being, we’ve concentrated on studying the behavioral patterns of basic pairs, but we don’t stop or interrupt our analysis -- not even for a moment, since each broker gives a trader an access to a high volume of quotations of currency pairs. And in turn, the greater number of pairs we study, the greater the number of instruments we’ll be able to offer to any trader so he/she could turn profit."


   It’s hard to believe, but quotation activities are affected not only by economic indicators, actions by different nations and/or world leader’s political statements.

   Quite often naturally occurring processes can have a much greater impact: solar activity, Earth’s magnetic disturbances, proximity of the Moon to Earth, including passing comets or other objects from our solar system. 


   It’s a well known fact: the Moon phases affect people. It’s quite strange, but no one has ever thought of the fact that the Forex is in fact a community, a network of human traders instead of soulless trading robots. And the Moon greatly impacts that community collectively, just as much as it impacts each and every one of them individually.

   Having studied the impact of 4Seasons on currency pairs activity, we’ve developed 4 innovative indicators that we called S.A.W.S. (Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring). The function of each one of them is to accurately define the beginning of its own “season”. HOWEVER… 

   It often happens so, that unexpectedly, a behavior trend, common to one season, suddenly starts showing up in another.

For example: One of the simple attributes common to a winter season is a breaking internal trend (EURUSD). This trend forms during a European session, however, during an American session it changes to the exact opposite.

Oftentimes, this attribute shows up at a “bad” time -- for example, in the Spring. In that event, a “Winter” indicator, as part of the Forex4Seasons “intercepts the management and control” along with sending out any signals. As soon as the situation stabilizes, the “control and management” are once again “returned” back to the “Spring” indicator. 

   In the Metatrader chart it’s not reflected in any way: Trader continues receiving signals (notifications) as before, however, we thought you might be interested in knowing about the inner workings of the system.


Simple, clear and concise signals to inform you as to when to open or close orders: arrows, alerts, signal and e-mail notifications.
Forex 4 Seasons doesn’t depend on the broker. If your broker offers you a MetaTrader4 terminal, that’s sufficient enough for you to start making money utilizing our product.
Signals are infrequent, trades are long – something that eliminates the nervousness, often associated with “scalping”.
"Forex 4 Seasons" gives, at best, 2-3 signals in any given 24-hour period. At times a signal may be received and the resulting trade could last for as long as 3 or 4 or even 5 days. Such trades are the most profitable ones, since the price could cross over upwards of 100-300 pips. An average duration of a trade is 2days, therefore, on average, "Forex 4 Seasons" gives 1 signal every 2 days.
The product could be fully utilized by both professionals as well as novice traders.
It doesn’t require thorough knowledge or extensive experience. It installs in just under 5 minutes.
Total freedom to make decisions: a trader can use our signals at his/her discretion. "Forex 4 Seasons" is totally self-sufficient, however more experienced traders can easily use it in a tandem with other trading systems.
A capability to see signals from prior history and validate them for accuracy. 
You simply install "Forex 4 Seasons" in the chart and could immediately see all of the signals sent earlier.
30-Day Full Money Back Guarantee. No questions asked!



Despite of a clear technological breakthrough with all of its complexity at its core, Forex4Seasons

ABSOLUTELY doesn’t require ANY adjustments of its settings.

   Once you purchase it and spend roughly under 1 minute to install it, you could immediately see all of the previous signals it had sent in the past.

   That is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT, since product developers oftentimes while making big announcements and claims about their products’ unrealistically high earnings, in reality don’t really have anything concrete to back up those claims.


100% FREE for my members 



   "Forex 4 Seasons" sends signals that are clear and easy to understand:

Red arrow (with alert, audio alert, e-mail) – indicates “Open Sell Order”
Blue arrow (with alert, audio alert, e-mail) – indicates “Open Buy Order”

To close the orders, there is also alert, audio alert and an e-mail sent.

   With our products we are not after some flashy visuals – to us functionality is of utmost importance as well as brevity of the signals. We removed any and all pileups of unnecessary and visually distracting elements, such as lines, stripes, bars, waves, etc., so that they don’t distract the seasoned traders and don’t confuse novices.

   All that you will see in you chart are arrows and alerts. This makes the use of our product highly comfortable and easy to understand – even to a novice.

   Moreover, in order for you not to miss a single signal, we’ve included a few types of notifications:

Alerts Sounds E-mail notification SMS notification*

* will be available in the next upgrade


  A FEW "DON'T"s:

Forex 4 Seasons

 Forex4Seasons DOES NOT trade in place of or replaces a real trader.

 Forex4Seasons WON’T ALLOW a trader to miss a signal.

 Forex4Seasons DOESN’T recycle signals, as many other indicators do. You can rest assured that the signal you see in the quotation history was received exactly at the time specified by the arrow.

 Forex4Seasons DOESN’T require any other software besides MetaTrader4.

 Forex4Seasons CAN’T be a subject of deceit on the part of a broker.



   It’s unfortunate, but some brokers act quite unprofessionally.

   When some robot becomes overly popular, many traders purchase it and put it to use. All of the activity by this EA becomes “visible” to the broker, since robot sends requests to the broker’s server as well.

   Usually these are requests to open and close orders, placements of the pending orders, order modifications for addition of Stop Loss and Take Profit. If just a few hundred or even a few thousand traders use the exact same EA, the broker can track down the Stop Loss and Take Profit levels and change the quotations in such a way, that the price could reach the Stop Loss level and all orders would close with a loss.

   Practically all seasoned traders we’ve talked to, stated that they’d encountered in the past this type of cheating on the part of some brokers.

"Forex 4 Seasons" is protected from it.

   Our product neither opens orders nor does it close them – its only purpose is to send “verified“ signals to a trader. Even in the event that thousands of traders simultaneously received signals from Forex4Seasons, they won’t be able simultaneously, with an accuracy of up to a thousand’s of a second to open up a few thousand orders.

   Besides, our system is not equipped to give Stop Loss and Take Profit levels and based on that, it can’t be tracked down by brokers. 


   It’s not a secret anymore, that the vast majority of the software products feature dozens, if not hundreds of parameters to fine-tune their host program. Program developers expect a trader to do all the necessary adjustments by him/her self, based on the market condition, trader’s preferences, particulars of a currency pair, etc...

   We honestly believe, that these developers simply shift the responsibility for the product into the hands of traders.

   With respect to the Forex4Seasons – it’s a completely different story. All adjustments for any specific currency pair had been tweaked by us in accordance and based on the 4Seasons technology and its algorithms.

Your business (as a customer) is to simply install the Forex4Seasons in a chart of a required currency pair and then follow the signals for a successful and very profitable trade.



100% FREE for my members 





   By popular demand, for the first time we are now placing testimonials on our website. We’re treating this section with a certain degree of caution, as some developers frequently post in their “testimonials” sections deliberate and carefully crafted misinformation, often fabricating these so-called “testimonials”.

   We, on the other hand, shy away from these types of practice, since we highly respect our client’s intelligence. As a result, we’ll be publishing a detailed information. 
We hope you will find there the answer to all your questions..

Please note: All information below was received from the actual people with real contact information.

   Never before have we invited our clients to join our team, however, this time we’ve decided to give this rare opportunity to test our product to ABSOLUTELY DIFFERENT people. 
   We chose 5 people and asked them to expound on their impressions from using our product.

Frankly speaking, we were very much surprised ourselves that our new product was so much liked by ALL -- WITHOUT EXCEPTIONS!

   Should you wish to do so, you could always contact these people by email for more detailed information.

Trader 1 – the beginner. 
Jaime Garcia Rodriguez, Barcelona, Spain, [email protected]

   I’m a beginner trader, with only 5 months of experience. However, during these 5 months I’ve managed to goof up twice: to buy 2 robots on the internet: the kinds that are “highly praised” and are super “popular”. Unfortunately, with their “help”, I’ve managed to lose a substantial sum of money.
   After being practically taken to “cleaners” by these programs, I decided to do only manual trading?. My introduction to Forex4Seasons began after I received an e-mail from a friend, who lives in Israel. In it, he pointed to one quite interesting engineering developing that Rita Lasker was involved in.
   To my great disappointment, at the time the system wasn’t yet unavailable and I decided to write directly to Rita, offering my services as a Beta-tester. Right around that time Rita was looking for a trader without any prior experience, so on the May 10th, she sent me a copy of her product.
   At this very moment I have +287pips on GBPUSD and +131 pips on EURUSD.
With my little initial deposit of just $1000.00. I simply can not allow myself to take risks. My lot 0.1 and right now my deposit is at $1418.00. I’m extremely happy about it and now, I also got time to leisurely study Forex, while simultaneously turning profit.


























































































418 pips


Trader 2 – a cautious one.
Vivek Mallya, Mumbai, India, [email protected]

   I have a 3-year experience with Forex and I’ve always been extremely careful and cautious about anything having to do with sales. Many developers are totally careless about their clients, often completely ignoring their inquiries, while never solving clients’ problems. They literally don’t want to hear from you again once they sold you their product. Their main goal is to get your money at all costs. 
   Rita Lasker, on the other hand, is the exact opposite in that respect and is a perfect example of what REAL company is and how it should treat its clients. 
   For about a year I’ve been getting a lot of quite useful materials from her – articles, books, different strategies and indicators. And all of it was ABSOLUTELY FREE! As a “thank you” gesture, I’ve decided to purchase one of her products and the day before yesterday I finally got myself Forex4Seasons along with Trailingator.
   Well, I must admit that at the very beginning I had some problems: I couldn’t unzip an archive with files I downloaded. I sent a letter to their Support, not really expecting to get a fast reply, let alone a quick resolution to my problem. Imagine my surprise when I received a reply in just 4 (FOUR) MINUTES!!! They quickly re-sent me all the necessary files after which I installed indicators into charts.
   My second e-mail to the same Tech support with some questions about the Trailingator was replied to within 7 (SEVEN) minutes, where they scrupulously and in great details explained to me everything I couldn’t understand the first time around.
   Now I’ve got an open order in each of the two pairs. Both orders are quite profitable, so I expect to see some major dividends by closing time. 
   I’m pleasantly surprised and can’t hold myself back from expressing words of gratitude for such a superb product and awesome tech. support. Many thanks to you, guys!!!




























Trader 3 – a complete novice.
Joseph Kowalski, Annapolis, USA, [email protected]

   This is my very first product of this kind that I bought. Having been on Forex for about 2 weeks I already lost the sense of direction and frankly got lost. There are so many new and never heard before terms and that special trader/tech. “jargon” I got plenty of”, while visiting all these Forex forums, that I honestly got overwhelmed. I tried to post a couple of questions on some of those forums, but the replies I received were more like they came from some aliens – I couldn’t decipher what they were trying to say.
   Probably it was a divine intervention that got me to www.forex4seasons.com . I frankly didn't know any better, but somehow I believed what I read and after some hesitation, I decided to buy my very first indicator. I was in for a real surprise when I managed it all on my own and without any problems or glitches to first to download and install MetaTrader and then Indicator.
   The User’s Guide was actually written by a “human being” to be read by another – all in clear and concise language. Why can’t others explain everything in such simple and easy-to-understand terms?
   I already received 2 signals, including one to my e-mail. I spent quite some time fine-tuning my mail notifications with signals, but then read that the mail couldn’t be sent to gmail accounts. I’m very thankful to all developers of the product, who even thought about these types of issues with the mail and offered their own version of a server to clients like myself, with the exact same problem.
   Now, instead of only hearing these signals, I also get e-mails with notifications sent to me. I can only hope, that all developers, whose products I intend on buying in the foreseeable future, will bring me just as much of the joy as they will earn me money.
   So, I personally would like to say “Thank you” to the Green Forex group and Rita Lasker.

23-May EURUSD +73pips 23-May GBPUSD +31pips      
25-May EURUSD -30pips 24-May GBPUSD +110pips      
25-May EURUSD +82pips            
  EURUSD +125pips   GBPUSD +141pips   TOTAL: 266pips


Trader 4 – advanced.
Chris Drayer, Chicago, USA, [email protected]

   I’m experienced and quite advanced trader and have tested many different systems. Right now in my briefcase I got 2 automatic and a few manual trading systems that I use during different market conditions.
   Firstly, I’d like to thank Rita Lasker, who personally invited me to take the new Forex4Seasons for a test drive.I must say, that technology that’s at the heart of this product is an absolute breakthrough! Its not overly high win rate (of approximately 35-40%) is fully compensated by an excellent profit factor (approximately 1.6-2.0).
   What I do like the most about the system is its signals: they are not too frequent, where indicator “catches” long trends very effectively. I equally like this great E-mail Notifications feature, thanks to which I yet to loose a single signal when I’m away from my computer. During these types of situations I always open my orders remotely right from my laptop.I could only point out to one weakness of this product, in my opinion: I’d very much preferred if there were more ways to tune this product, even though it’s, once again, my personal opinion as a slightly more advanced trader than your average user.
   I highly recommend this system to all my peers and friends. I also found out that of particular benefit is when you use this program in tandem with Rita's Trailingator. Then your profits are even higher.


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Start: Apr-01 End: May-25        
Number of trades:  59            
Profit: EURUSD +591pips   GBPUSD +387pips