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Fish Forex Robot 4G

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Rita Lasker – Green Forex Group’s CEO:

   “2 years is a long time.
There was a multitude of various robots and indicators appearing and disappearing from the market. 

   Market situation changed. The world continues to deal with the biggest crisis since the Great Depression and I’m very much excited about the fact that our flagship product, Fish Forex Robot 4G, in spite of everything happening, has been showing and continues to show absolutely stable results.’ 


   Before you start reading 

Do the following:
Simply do a Google search on “Fish Forex Robot” and you’ll see 243,000 search results. It will be the best demonstration of how this product in just 2 years has become Mega-popular amongst the traders. 


"Fish Forex Robot":

250,000 search results in Google...

Over 1 million INTERESTED people...

One of the most POPULAR and PROFITABLE Forex Robot of 2010-2011-2012...

Open Google and check it out!

   Fish Forex 4 Generation:  

   We’ve been diligently and tirelessly improving upon Fish Forex Robot. There’s been 14 updates and we’vealso made some major design changes to our algorithms. In fact, we did it 3 times already!
   However, these 2 years have convinced us in one thing: the principle on which the Fish Forex Robot is based is flawless, faultless, unbeatable and, for the lack of a better word, perfect!

   In its core you won’t find any indicators or mathematical calculations. It doesn’t contain anything artificial or synthetic. There is none of the mess, involving methods, obscure principals or techniques.

   The principles behind Fish Forex Robot 4G are neat, logical and beautiful - just like the Mother Nature itself.
It’s akin to a diamond that we’ve artfully cut.

Clients, who purchased our robot 2 years ago, by now are already millionaires!

   Do what you like the most: work, go on vacations, travel. Meanwhile, our robot will be diligently performing its task: bringing you profit each and every day. 4 days a week. At the same time. The only thing you’re left to do is to marvel at just how wonderful our robot is.


1-2 orders each day (except Friday)

Orders are always opened at the same time

If there are no open orders, terminal could be closed and computer shut off. It could be turned on right before the time when you open orders, that happens at 3:00 pm (EST)

Robot’s performance is completely predictable and is based around a simple and very accurately perceived market trend

Each day brings between 10-30 pips of profit

EURUSD pair, any brokers

Installation taking at best 1-2 minutes

Traders of ANY level could take advantage of our Robot

   A little History  

   Our original Fish Forex Robot was put in production on May 6th, 2010. The robot was distinguished by simplicity and high predictability. It basically was designed to bring profit each and every day. 
In the unlucky event of a loss, the robot would open an Adjustment order, that exceeded the losses and once again bring the profits.

   We sold a few thousand copies of that robot and in return received thousands of responses from delighted traders. Many of them simply couldn’t believe that it was THAT easy to turn profit each and every day!

   Approximately 6 months after we had begun the sales of our robot, we stared receiving alarming signals: competing brokers have begun counteracting and resisting the successful performance of our robots.
After that, we no longer could guarantee continuous and stable profits.

On November 17, 2010 we’ve decided to pull the plug on its production.

   The following year and a half, we’ve been observing broker activities with our products as well as from our competitors. During that period of time the situation has improved considerably. That doesn’t mean the brokers started parting with their money more easily, however the competition has forced them to be more selective in choosing the fighting methods against traders’ profits.

   In April of 2012 it’s been decided to, once again, commence the sales. In the version 4G of Fish Forex Robot, its algorithm has been substantially improved to make it much harder for the brokers to track down large numbers of orders opened by a large number of traders. 

   Fish Forex Robot 4.0 will be just as successful as the original Fish Forex Robot.

You only need to read the opinions by real owners of our robot to make the only correct decision. 

   How the Robot operates.   (Skip this section if you’re a novice trader)

   The principle on which our Fish Forex Robot is based and has been operating for the past 2 years, hasn’t changed. It’s simple and ingenious. It doesn’t require the use of tricky indicators.

   The trading system of Fish Forex Robot 4G uses the exchange rate of the EUR/USD currency pair between the daily closure time of open outcry trades and the opening time of the CME Globex electronic trading platform. After the closure of open outcry trades at 15:00 EST, a target is formed. A target is the opening price of the 15:00 bar.

   After this, the price of the EUR/USD currency pair flats out and fluctuates lightly within a margin of 10–40 pips (percentage in point).

   When Globex opens at 18:00, over the course of a few hours the price will reach the target, which is the exchange rate at the moment of closure of the open outcry trades. Two limit orders—a Sell limit order and a Buy limit order—are placed at the moment of the 15:00 bar. The orders will be executed once the exchange rate reaches them. Eighty-four times out of a hundred, trades are closed on Take-Profit Orders.

   In about 16 percent of cases, typically, in case of a strong trend, the price may never reach the target. In this case, the trade is closed on a Stop Loss order. This triggers the execution of an 3x adjustment order, with 15 pips Take Profit, which compensates for the drawdown of initial order.

   Because there is a great chance of the market opening with a large price gap on a Monday, orders are not placed on a Friday.


   Who is the robot made for?  

   We’ve tried to do everything possible so that our robot could be used by absolutely any trader living in any country, having any level of training. 
   The installation of the robot won’t require of you any special knowledge. If you are capable to copy a file with robot into Expert folder and open a certain currency pair – you can safely use Fish Forex Robot: you already possess all the necessary skills. 

   After the successful installation the robot begins to automatically detect the current time on your terminal, while adjusting itself to it and then begins to open orders at the most appropriate times.
The only thing you are left with is to look at the screen to observe how your deposit continually increases.

   One thing the robot requires is a computer, capable of operating 24/5 and uninterrupted internet connection. Just provide the robot with these two basic requirements and it will pay you back with continuous and stable profit.


   Original Fish Forex Robot vs. Fish Forex Robot 4G  

The 4G(4.0) version is an evolutionary development of the product. The purpose of the upgrade were the following:

 More precise and safe operation of the robot
 Superb resistance to the counteracting activities from suspicious and untrustworthy brokers
 Extreme user-friendliness

   All goals that we’ve set, have been successfully reached.
The great majority of changes were based around the inner workings of the algorithms. The entire code waspractically re-written from the ground-up. The top priority was the ability for the robot to operate with any and all possible MetaTrader4 terminals.

   It’s not a secret that virtually all brokers use MetaTrader 4, however, each broker fine-tines his/her program to personal preferences, rules and standards.

   The version 4G performs exactly the same on any broker terminal. At the request of our customers we’ve totally automated the timing for opening orders.

   Now, the user will not have to compute the time shift between EST (Eastern Standard Time) and the time of the trading terminal. All procedures now performed in automated mode.


   So, just how much can you earn?  

   As a general rule, 10 pips per day. In certain cases (approximately 20%) – 30 pips per day.
During exceptionally successful days this can be anywhere between 40 and 60 pips, however these are exceptions.

   From the first glance, it may not seem like a whole lot. BUT… this is a realistic situation.

Just answer a few simple questions:

1. Which is better – the empty promises of excessive profits or the brutal honesty of the developers?
2. Counting on “luck” or confident trade with predictable results?
3. Huge profits, (that could prove to be equally huge losses) or daily modest profits?

   Anybody with a common sense knows the answers. Any developer could promise you golden mountains in just a couple of days – and unfortunately those are the majority of cases.

Fish Forex Robot 4G live statement.
(click to view FULL statement)


CAN you SEE it?
We show you the REAL TRUSTWORTHY results.
And it is a simple NAKED truth!



   Very few developers are concerned with their reputation and even fewer love their customers enough to stop the sales of seemingly successful product, just to make sure the product’s profitability and reputation won’t go under, securing their position with customers, who continue to turn profit. 

   And we DO love you and we ARE concerned about maintaining reputation. That is why we state the absolute truth: our robot will bring 10, (less frequently 30) pips of profit.

So, it’s up to you who you’re going to believe.

   10 pips – is it a lot or a little?   And that is a good question.

   If you trade with a lot size of 0.1 (and we strongly recommend such lot with a deposit of only $300.00), 10 pips will equal $10.00. 
   If the size of your deposit permits trading with a 1.0 lot size, then each day your deposit will grow by $100.00.

   As the deposit grows, you can also increase Lot Size. Just don’t rush. It’s better to have a slow but consistent growth, than sudden Margin Call. (To learn more about it, please contact your broker).

   On average, with quite conservative adjustments, our robot will increase your deposit by 50% each month. 
Traders, who are used to risk, could raise Lot Size and earn 100% and even 200% of their deposit, however we recommend a “slow ascension” when climbing a mountain, so that you won’t descend head first.

   Since the beginning of the year, when the version 4.0 was completed, our profit showed$12,682.00 with a starting capital of only $5,000 and very conservative adjustments.

   Manage your risks   (For advanced users)

   The key word when doing risk assessment is Leverage.

   When we launched the original Fish Forex, brokers offered the leverages of 200:1 – 500:1.
Times have changed and brokers became less generous and now the average Leverage level, a broker offers is100:1 and in the U.S. that level is even less: 50:1.

   We, the traders, can’t count on a broker anymore, who’d allow us to open a big lot with a small deposit.

This is very important to keep in mind when calculating your Initial Lot Size.

   The robot’s algorithm contains a Martingale element. If the initial order closes on Stop Loss, the Adjustment order immediately opens in the opposite direction, to compensate for the loss on the initial order.
   With a very negative development of things, Adjustment order can close with a loss. The possibility of such development is infinitely small, however, it does exist.

   The Stop Loss for Adjustment Orders you can find under robot’s adjustments and having considered those numbers, we suggest that you calculate the size of your Initial Lot. 

   If you are a novice trader, we suggest that you simply take a look at the table below and select the risk level, with which you’d feel most comfortable trading.

   "...OK, So Where Do I Begin?..." 

Ready to give it a try? Up and running in 10, 9, 8...  

 Download and install MetaTrader 4 from any Forex broker.
 Buy Fish Forex Robot 4G.
 Create a demo account and install Fish Forex Robot.
 Once you’re ready to trade, open an actual account with a Forex broker.

In just 10 minutes Fish Forex Robot 4G can start making money for you on the EUR/USD pair.
Today or tomorrow you will already see your first profits.
In just a week the profit will be noticeable.
In a month you won’t even want to consider any other product.

And in two months you’ll double your initial deposit and realize that this is the best product around.

Take my word for it and download the Robot here.

(Fish Forex Robot + bonus)


Not convinced? Keep reading!


   We love our customers and value your desire to “widen the horizons”. We’ve received a whole lot of letters with a single question: “Is it possible to use your Fish Forex Robot  4G with different currency pairs”?
   Frankly, your thriving for the absolute knowledge along with your adventurous spirit of true experimentalists appeals to us quite a bit.

   However, our dear customers, the “consistency” built in the very root of our Fish Forex Robot, will work with only one pair – EURUSD

   Unfortunately, it won’t “fly” with any other.

   Naturally, we can’t ban any and all of your attempts to try our robot with any other currency pairs, however we believe you won’t like the results all that much.

On the other hand, with EURUSD our robot performs sensationally.

   4th Generation  

   During the last 2 years the Fish Forex Robot’s development and improvements haven’t stopped – not even for a single day.

   The current generation of Fish Forex Robot is in its fourth incarnation. 

   This version isn’t a simple update where a few bugs got fixed. On the contrary, this is practically a completely new product , built around a certain consistency that we’ve managed to reveal.

   Throughout these past 2 years, we’ve been experimenting with various aspects and workings of the robot.
Its algorithms have been completely changed 3 times and now we can honestly say that Fish Forex Robot 4G is perfect in each and every line of code.


   What’s so special about it?  

Each and every product has its own particularities.
Each has its strong and weak points.
Each developer tries to convince you that only his/her product is best suited for your needs.
Each trader can be deceived, but it can happen only once. As soon as trader realized that he’s been had, the developer loses him for good.

   We, on the other hand, are proud that all our clients, who purchased Fish Forex Robot 2 years ago, are still with us!

   We receive immeasurable amount of mail. Sometimes, we simply don’t have enough time in the day to respond to it all, but we’re sincerely thankful to all for sending it in. 

Here are just a few of them:

Ben Sneider, Paolo Alto, CA. (USA)

   "I’m a joint partner in one cleaning company. Forex isn’t my main source of income. I never viewed it as a serious possibility of making money – it was more akin to playing a roulette. 
   I don’t get to go to Vegas all that much, but Forex is right here, available at a flick of a switch on my computer.
   However, roughly a year-and-a-half of using the Fish Forex Robot completely changed my attitude towards Forex. It’s surprising, but even there are certain common factors, utilizing which you can make decent money!
Money, I’m making now on Forex, help me improve and increase my main business. 
   My present day trades don’t look anything like a game – I prefer a different strategy: to observe, analyze and calculate."


Made Kurniawan, Denpasar, Indonesia

   "When my friend showed me Fish Forex Robot, I was deeply in debt. I own my debts to Forex. I lost almost $2,500 and here in Indonesia it’s a fortune. However, everything has changed for the better 7 months ago. I contacted Rita Lasker directly, asking her to sell me a copy of the robot (it wasn’t offered to the general public at the time). I only had on my account about $350 – that was all I could come up with at that moment. 
   Nevertheless, I decided to risk it. Now I don’t owe anything to anybody and I have enough money to open up my own small business – Diving School.
   I’m planning on trading on Forex for about a year with a help of Fish Forex Robot and then try to open up a small Travelling Agency.
   Without the help from Rita Lasker I would have been in even a greater debt, jobless and without any hope for the future..."


Klara Zimmermann, Zurich, Switzerland

   "Fish Forex Robot was the first product that lead to me being acquainted with Rita Lasker. Now we’re good friends and I get to test all of her products. I can recommend Fish Forex Robot to any trader, who wants to continuously increase the size of his/her deposit. 
   I simply would like to thank Rita for being such a smart woman and a top-notch professional. Having used Fish Forex Robot you will never regret getting it..."



   Installation and SETUP  

All you need is to carefully READ THE MANUAL.

It is very easy to set up the robot. You will need MetaTrader4 (the latest build) and 5 minutes. 

   The provided User’s Guide makes this process simple for the beginners. 

   Robot requires a one-time installation into a chart and after that you can pretty much “forget about it”, without spending any more time on it.

With this Robot you’ll understand a true meaning of STABILITY.

Fish Forex Robot 4G  can start trading on your account today! Spend just 5 minutes 
and get ready for the first profit.

   Our On-Line Support 

We proudly announce that our support team now operates virtually around the clock, 
24 hours a day.

   You’ll be pleasantly surprised that all your questions will be answered virtually immediately. 

   Don’t believe us?

   Try to submit a question and you’ll come to realize that we are THE fastest and most responsive team out there. Agree - it’s imperative when your money’s at stake.
   It means that should you have any questions, no matter how trivial, we’ll answer any in a rapid-response manner.

Our Support team is available via Skype and ICQ for now. Please feel free to connect us by:

 SKYPE  ICQ  Email
(chat only)
602-502-437 [email protected]

We ABSOLUTELY guarantee that our support team’s response time is MUCH shorter 
than any others out there. Take our word for it – you’ll be pleasantly surprised!


   Personal approach  

   Green Forex Group is a well reputed Forex company that has found its followers all over the world. We value our members and offer only quality software. 

   All your ideas and recommendations, offers and comments are extremely important to us. We consider all of them and are always happy to provide you with efficient and reliable products.
We follow a simple idea – you should enjoy trading. It should be A PLEASURE THAT BRINGS YOU MONEY. 

   That’s why we strive to provide you with the best customer service and work round the clock so you can ask your question and get the answer at any given time.

   Time is money, and it is more so on Forex market.

  Money back guarantee:  

We can fully understand how important this is to you. 
This is why I decided to put it in writing:

   Any doubts left?  

   It is quite normal to have doubts. Actually it is better to think and carefully learn all the details first. Take your time, but please note that the discount offer is time limited.

Think of it this way: WHAT HAVE YOU GOT TO LOSE? 




  With our unconditional 100% money back guarantee, if not satisfied, we’ll fully refund your money during the initial 30-day trial period. Robot’s usage in demo mode is totally safe!






F.A.Q.TOP 10 questions

1. Q: What are the technical requirements to run your robot?
A: You need MetaTrader 4 of any broker (4 or 5 digits) with a stable Internet. 

2. Q: Can I turn the robot off? How often does it trade?
A: It trades 4 days a week except Friday. If you cannot leave it running 24/4, turn it on a little before 3:00 PM E.S.T. At this time of a day it sets the orders. After that wait for all orders to be completed before to turn PC off. The following day do not forget to activate it again before 3:00 PM. E.S.T. If you see open orders set aside, don’t shut off the computer or inte rnet – that could lead to financial losses.

3. Q: How many pairs can I use? What is a timeframe?
A: Please use only EURUSD, H1 timeframe.

4. Q: What deposit do you recommend to start trading with this EA?
A: We recommend the deposit anywhere from $300 and up. If your deposit is less, please contact the broker and open a mini-account. This will allow you to trade with micro-lots.

5. Q: You insist that the robot is equipped with a safety algorithm. What does that mean? How does the Stop Loss get calculated?
A: Our safety algorithm thinks about any possible price fluctuations and during a lossy trade an Adjustment order immediately kicks in. It compensates for the losses of the previous trade. Stop Loss and Take profit values are fixed and in-build.

6. Q: What do I need to know about product protection? Does it work strictly with 1 Live account?
A: This robot utilizes a special protection system from illegal usage – it can be only used on 1 (one) live account only, with which it’s associated. Demo accounts are not limited.

7. Q: Do you provide a Technical Support? Will you help me to install it?
A: Yes, of course! Our friendly Tech. Support operates around the clock – 24/7. At any time you could ask any questions through e-mail. We’ll instruct you on the installation process. Additionally, each product comes with an in-depth instruction with detailed screenshots.

8. Q: If I purchase your product and then you issue an update, will I have to purchase it again or I will need to pay for it each month?
A. When you purchase the product, it is a one-time payment. All the updates are free for you without any additional subsequent fees.

9. Q: I’ve found your product on some other websites at a very low price. Why should I purchase it from you if I can save some money?
A: Having bought our product on any other site, you deprive yourself of our tech. support and free updates. Our products are protected by Copyright laws. 

10. Q: If I’m not satisfied with your product, how can I get my money back?
A: We issue a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. If you’d like to know how to go about it, please contact our friendly Customer Support. 


We absolutely guarantee your satisfaction!


   REMEMBER:  We thought you might like to know and it would be worth noting that part of the proceeds is transferred to the Environmental Protection Fund. Acquiring any of our great products, you’re not only getting a top-notch financial instrument, but at the same time help ecologically protect our beautiful blue planet.

   We are true believers that the future generations will thank us for taking care 
of them in that way. 
It may warm your heart, knowing that with each dollar you earn, you also make a contribution of a different kind in the preservation and betterment of our beautiful Mother Earth.





Press the “Add to cart” button and we will process your payment information.  
Once completed, we will send you complete instructions on how to download and install 
Fish Forex Robot 4G.

We will also show you how to get immediate help and support if you should need it.


If you have any questions please do not hesitate

to ask me by email at any time. 

I will do my best to help you.


Sincerely yours,   Rita Lasker.


Copyright © 2012, www.fishforexrobot.com  All rights reserved.

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